Buy one Large pizza and get a Medium pizza or boneless wings or Fries and garlic bread for 3000 L.L.

Any Extra Large Pizza

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Any Medium Pizza

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Any Large Pizza

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Combo Box

1 Large pizza,4 Pieces of crunchy Garlic Bread with Cheese,4 Pieces of chicken wings,Crispy Potato Wedges and a tasty dip.

Extreme Meal

Order Extreme size Pizza, Extreme variety for 5 Person

Second Medium Pizza

Order online your second Medium Pizza for 11000 L.L.

Take-away Offer

1 Large Pizza, with Pepsi 1.25 LT

Second Large Pizza

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Fun Meal

1 Large Pizza, 6 pcs Wings

Personal Meal

1 Small Pizza , 1 Fries, 1 Can Pepsi